Benevolent Social Services of India

Benevolent Social Services of India

Emrys and Usha Rees

Emrys Usha Rees

Emrys Rees was born in 1945 in St. Louis MO to missionaries to China, Burma and India David H. and J. Lois Rees. He is a Canadian citizen.

He went to various schools in Britain, USA and India and graduated from Minnesota Bible College.

He worked together with Bnasan Uriah for 6 years in NE India from 1970.

Usha (Nair) Rees was born in Malaysia in 1954, and finished high school & college in India.

In May 1976 David Rees, Emrys’ father, was killed in a jeep accident at Gummidipundi, and Emrys decided to help his mother in their mission work which included a leprosy hospital.

Usha became a Christian in 1977, followed by much difficulty with her family. She and Emrys got married in 1978.

Lois, Emrys and Usha ran the mission together until Lois went to the US with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1995. Emrys helped to start two Bible colleges.

Emrys & Usha have been involved in many types of work with people suffering from leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis in Chittoor Dt. This involved awareness, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, etc.

Church planting and making disciples are an important part of their ministry.