Day 31 – January 2 – Wednesday

IMAGINE: A Loving God (Love Requires A Response)

Loving Means Putting Others First

Philippians 2:2-4

Remember the first tie you told someone you love them? Anticipation floods the mind and your heart races as you search their face for the response. I remember one of my roommates in college was told by his girlfriend that she love him…you know what His response was? Read on…

God has laid out the love card on the table of our hearts. He has gone to every extent (even to a cross) to show us His love is real and free to everyone. Love like that deserves a proper response!

One way God looks for us to respond is by living out the example we see in the life of Jesus. Jesus life was marked by love of others above love of self. The ultimate example is, of course, his death on the cross for forgive our sins. And his life was filled with healing, teachings, touching, caring, and challenging people to be God followers. His life reflected the heart of God.

In Philippians 2 the Apostle Paul urges us to “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” and to “…look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” This is a love response God looks for because it reflects his heart.

How does this look in the real world? It shows itself when we serve as greeters, teachers, servers at soup kitchens, share kind words with the discouraged, visit with the lonely, the imprisoned, the needy, and yes, even share our resources in creating space to help each other grow in becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus. In what way will you respond?

Remember my roommate? His answer to his girlfriend was, “I love me, too”! It is no wonder their relationship ended very quickly…hahaha!

I IMAGINE my response to God today will be…

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