Day 34 – January 5 – Saturday

IMAGINE: A Loving God (Love Requires A Response)

Loving God Means Acknowledging His Lordship

Luke 6:46

Soldiers go through an arduous six-week training known as basic training or “boot camp”. Individuals from all walks of life are brought together, stripped of their individuality, and molded into a group of individuals that learns to totally rely on each other, to work together, and to accomplish what no one person could do on his own. A trust, a bond, a kinship is established that basically says, “I’m no longer in control of my life. I must depend on my buddies and commanders to make me better and protect me from the enemy.”

Jesus in Luke 6:46 asks the important question, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not what I say?” As soldiers in God’s army, we should learn by example to be obedient to those we know will lead us to victory.

During the Civil War, young boys were allowed in the army as buglers, to call the troops to battle. They served at the pleaser of the leaders and played the call that the leader commanded. One young man, serving with a general during a particularly horrible battle, was called upon to play advances, movements, and other orders, and he did so without question. As the day went on, the battle turned against the troops, and the general ordered the boy to sound retreat. When the boy did not respond, the general furiously turned to the boy and said, “I ordered you to sound retreat. Now play it!” With quivering lips the boy replied, “I can’t sir. You never taught me how.”

God’s armies of Christians do not allow for retreat. We are to follow God where He leads us without question!!!

I IMAGINE my response to God today will be…

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