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Deaf Christmass 2012

2012 Deaf Church Christmas Fellowship


Isaiah 29:18“…the deaf will hear the words of the scroll …”

“Without him, I am nothing but with Him, I can do all things Through Christ that strengthens me—Philippians 4:13

There are over 300 million Deaf people in the world.  More than 36 million of these depend on sign language for communication.  If they were all put together, they would be one of the top three unreached (or unevangelized) people groups in the world.  Less than 2% claim to be Christians. Approximately 750 Deaf people die every day without knowing Jesus.  We need your help to reach these people with the gospel!

Southport Heights Christian Deaf Ministry is here to help provide the tools that the hearing impaired need.  James Wines and his wife, Deborah, are both deaf and sign using ASL.  Whether it be sign-spiring (worship through signed song), Worship, Bible Studies and Fellowship times, there is certainly a place for you to get involved!

Family and friends of the deaf and all hard of hearing are welcome.

James Wines dressed as an 1820s ‘Walter Scott’


Deaf Minister James Wines and his wife, Deborah.

You can reach James by calling VP # (317) 493-0414 or by emailing him at /

Sunday Schedule

Bible Study Schedule

SUNDAY SCHOOL (all ages)

9:15 am

Deaf Worship at 10:30 AM

Teen & Children Sunday Class at 10:30 AM during Worship

Thursday Bible  Study

6:30 – 8:00 PM


Bible Study | 2nd Saturday of Each Month

 10:00 am